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We like what we do and in our opinion, this is one of the main components of any quality product. One of the main, but not the only one. The result is important for us. Every detail, every feature must have a purpose. Therefore, we collect people like ourselves around us and our clients are people who love what they produce or provide. The result for us is when work pleases the eye and causes the emotions that we wanted to cause.

And, of course, we have a magic button "Make good as hell". True, after the activation of this "button" our command consumes a lot of coffee and often works without lunch, weekends, and sometimes sleeps a little.

Find out more our secrets
We are together for

Mil's company was founded in September 2013 We came from product companies. Our craving and desire to create something beautiful and sophisticated, to be more flexible, to respond quickly to changes in technology and approaches marked the beginning of our startup. We like a variety of projects, and the harder it is for us, the more interesting it is... The main advantages of a small team - a flexibility and unity Our idea was to assemble a small team, consisting only of similar to our spirit people with the same ambitions and goals. And we succeeded in this: our team consists only of professionals and development rock stars, with a keen sense of beauty and self-responsibility, whether in programming, design, or project management. We are willing to work very hard to achieve a result that is not going to make a compromise.

Creators and Inspirers

Oleksii Mylotskyi
Oleksii Mylotskyi
I am
I’m an open person, when I’m satisfied I tell about it, when not — also say.
I love open-motivated people who always look for solutions, not for excuses.
My super-ability
Energy, I am very energetic. I can both share my «fuse» to inspire others and «to hit» as lightning. I approach with a very powerful pressure to everything what I undertake, and always come with the decision.
In this I'm really good
Programming is my everything; I can do it around the clock, with small breaks for sleep. I «bite» to the task, and I always bring it up to a perfect solution, only then I can go to bed :)
I like this
I like reading and learning something new, solving complex problems. I read a lot of technical literature; learn new programming languages and approaches. I completely get covered with the «goose bumps» when during reading or learning something new, I suddenly find elegant solution of the problem.
That I can't stand
I hate it when people complain that they are undervalued by life and need to get more, continuing to do the same and not trying to change something.
My hobbies
My favorite hobby is to self-developing, both technical and physical. I like reading technical literature, the implementation of the various projects, as well as various sports: Squash, Wakeskating, Snowboarding, AggressiveSkating etc.,
I like to explore different/ new sports.
Alexander Rojnetskyi
Alexander Rojnetskyi
I am
I am responsible for the visual part in Mil’s. The saying «in still waters» is about me. I really can seem very quiet. In fact, I am quite emotional and like to argue. Being curious, I like to get to the answers. As in design it is important to understand what methods are used, otherwise the design mistakenly begin to be mixed up with art.
My super-ability
If I was given reasonable arguments why what I did was bad, I can to crush all the done work of the day, to throw it into the garbage, and without sparing no saying a word to start from the beginning. According to my experience, many designers are not able easily to place away their work.
In this I'm really good
I think as art director’s «coolness» can be considered my ability to draw by hand and to think analytically. I understand the principles of programming, layout, motion-design and 3D. All this gives me the opportunity to delegate the work and to control the process of talking to people in the language usual to them.
I like this
I like everything new. I always try to choose a new path, when I go home. I try to go to different places, to communicate with different people, even those with whom we have little in common. Even if there is no opportunity to try something new for myself, I try to look for it in the old ordinary things, or modify them.
That I can't stand
One designer cries when...
  • someone tries new feature, forgetting about the form
  • spits on first and on the second
My hobbies
Apart from the fact that the work is my hobby, I like to travel on rollers. I like to go around the city without choosing the direction, noting any new little things. In every, even the most boring yard, you can find something interesting. It’s inspiring
Veronika Mylotska
Veronika Mylotska
I am
I believe that if you do something, you should invest
soul in it. My dream is to achieve and maintain the loyalty of each client,
providing them with a first class service. The best reward for me, when the client comes back to us with a new project!
My super-ability
I remember all the details of our projects.
Do you think I’m exaggerating? In vain! Everyone in the team is going to me with questions when we get new tasks in the old project.
In this I'm really good
I’m a perfectionist, and I think it’s cool. When we do projects, they are ideal, everything is harmonious and perfect. Every project is tirelessly tested in all browsers and on all devices, and we criticise all the details. In all projects I strive for perfection, and I always exaggerated claims as to myself and to the whole team.
I like this
I like when everything goes according to scheduled plan. I like when every one clearly knows and performs his work with soul. We take only those projects that the whole team likes and over which we are interested to work, that’s why our team worthy does all the work, and the client is satisfied with the first-class project.
That I can't stand
What I don’t like are minor flaws and shortcomings.
When we hand over the project, it has to be perfectly «tweaked» for all 135%.
My motto is «Excellence in the details»
My hobbies
I love taking pictures of children and reading books. Photo allows to stop the magic of the moment and to capture the ethereal smile, children’s eyes full of happiness and fun. Books give a lot of new knowledge and allow escaping from the hysterical rhythm of our lives.

Team Structure

Currently the team consists of 6 people.:

Project Manager
Quality Assurance Engineer
2x Frontend Developers
Senior Full Stack Developer/ Software Architect
Art Director
Our customers are asking very reasonable questions...

Are you ready to finish off a project that has already been started by someone?

- Frankly, we don't like this, and sometimes it is cheaper to rewrite from the beginning than to disassemble another's code and try to discover "pitfalls" that can be hidden in it. But we are ready for the dialogue. We understand that the situations may be different, and there are no two projects alike. In any case, we are ready to review the code and then to tell our point of view and make you an offer how further to work on the project.

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Tools and Technologies

We have everything to join the project
at any stage:
  • Digital Production
  • Art & Design
  • Research & Innovation
Depending on the goals of the project, expected load and the need for its further extending, we can offer you different solutions. For small corporate or promotional sites we usually use WordPress. For online shops, we choose Magento.
Projects that contain a complex functionality or unique logic which requires individual solution, or services that are counted on a distributed storage system and should be under high-loads and have an especially good protection we write from scratch using our own modular Husky CMF.
Jira, carrot and stick We have clearly identified for us comfortable
principles of project's conducting based on
Agile methodologies.
The project is broken down into tasks and is carried out in Jira Agile. So we can see the current status of the project and can provide you with a detailed report about it at any time. We form the Agile team for every project. Usually it consists of three people (two developers and QA). For each project we select the most appropriate way of reference, duration of iterations, and the frequency of releases of new functional.

Come and visit us at st. Mariny Raskovoi, 2-a, of. 503
(Levoberjnyi BC)

We have a feeling
that we are constantly being watched!